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With a Master’s Degree in communications & nonprofit management, and a professional Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), Kimberly Grady Brock’s education, combined with 20+ years of experience, have proven her to be an exceptional leader able to translate innovative business principles & true philanthropic passion into maximum revenue & community impact.

Considering herself a leader and advocate in the movement to improve the efficiency & impact of the nonprofit sector, Kim’s ideas confront the timeworn constraints of nonprofit thinking creating fresh and effective approaches. Her visionary and strategic, team-oriented approach give each initiative the greatest chance of success, and have earned her a reputation for consistently leading the organization she works with into a new period of exceptional growth and impact.

No matter the progress made in each nonprofit she works with, however, it never seems to be enough. Kim’s many years of experience, as well as her extensive study of and training within the nonprofit sector, has led her to believe that the natural state of philanthropy today is underperformance. This is unacceptable if we hope to have a place in our future of growing technology, exploding communication, increased collaboration and changing work environments.

That said, there are many new groups and individuals with much greater resources already researching these issues, and searching for the most efficient and realistic ways to improve the impact of our nonprofit sector. This blog is one way for a person to help explore and inform others about the importance of philanthropic change. Hopefully, it will also inspire individuals and small group think tanks about this important issue.

Kim spends her spare time either with her husband and two daughters, or caring for her slew of adopted animals. If you would like to know more about her, or follow her around as her explorations and viewpoints continue to evolve, connect with her via one of the below options.




Email: kgradybrock@gmail.com

kim blog


Kimberly fully understands what businesses need to be successful. She is adept at the technical side of a business: income statements, cash flows, balance sheets, expense controls, etc. At the same time, she is an outstanding marketing person. She relates to and understands people – how to motivate them, how to make them feel important and want to excel at their position and how to effectively reach her targeted audiences with messages that resonate with them.

Howard Wiggs
Mayor of Lakeland, Florida and Owner of Bagley Advertising

Kim has proven leadership skills and a gracious personality. I have known and worked with Kim on both nonprofit ventures and corporate issues, both of which she has shown the rare ability to get things accomplished.

Keith Albritton
President & CEO, Allen & Company

Kim brings a real passion for helping others and a strong commitment to advancing her community as a whole. She articulates the vision of an organization in a way that is both compelling and effective.

Don Selvage                                                                                                    City Commissioner and Local Businessman

Kim Brock is an outstanding, honest, creative and attractive young woman who consistently thinks of every solution to a problem or situation, which is a rare quality. And this is whether it’s a financial recommendation or decision (saving the company money) or regarding company personnel where she has to make difficult decisions that are best for the company.
Kim is a fair and wise worker but can operate just as well as a leader. She also listens carefully to whoever she is talking to. Kim makes the effort and tries and usually succeeds.
I’ve run a production company for The Discovery Channel producing 200 plus programs with 24 employees, been a marketing director for three major companies and an asst. mke dir for a Fortune 500 Co. so I most likely know what I’m talking about. Because of this I’m often asked for recommendations but unfortunately can recommend only those I believe in, only the best, only those I trust and only those I know will do a good and sincere job wherever they land.

Lynn Fischer
Discovery Channel Producer, International Author and Community Leader

Kim is professional, dedicated, and creative and I am fortunate to have worked with her for many years. She is always open to new ideas and is a great motivator. She can be tough when necessary, but is always fair.

Lisa Hall
Business Development Manager at RitaStaffing SPHR

It is my pleasure to endorse Kimberly Brock as an outstanding professional. I worked with Kim for 6 years and have known her for 14 years, and the best way to describe her is “The Best Of The Best”. Kim is detailed oriented, thorough, accurate, and has excellent leadership skills. She is gracious towards her subordinates, and highly gifted in bringing others along and making them feel their contributions are invaluable.

Roy Dedmon
Senior Manager, Quality Assurance at Pepsi Beverages Company

Kim is a uniquely creative and talented individual. She led the marketing effort at her family’s Juice Company and lead the redesign of not only the logo but the entire packaging line up of products. Kim is a great communicator and has the ability to professionally address any governing body.

Terry Simmers
President/CEO at GiveWell Community Foundation


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