Understanding the Nonprofit Millenial

I have had many conversations over the last 5 years with various nonprofit leaders complaining about issues with managing the millennial generation (born 1980 – 2000). As often as I hear this complaint, however, I more often hear managers speak of the passion of this generation. As a sector, nonprofits are benefitting most from thisContinue reading “Understanding the Nonprofit Millenial”

Hiring the Right Millennial and Getting the Work Done

HIRING THE RIGHT MILLENNIAL EMPLOYEES Despite the differences in defined work ethics between generations, talent leaders CAN (and must) successfully hire and retain high-performing employees of this generation. Cultivating a keen understanding of millennials is the first step. Adapting company policies to their workers’ attitudes is another way to create an advantage over less flexibleContinue reading “Hiring the Right Millennial and Getting the Work Done”

5 Cool Ideas for Managing Millennials

Just as the Xers and Boomers finalize their own negotiations for an uncertain workplace peace, optimistic millennials find themselves at the mercy of Xer skepticism. Gen-Xers complain the millennials are another indulged generation like the Boomers—that they’re self-absorbed with no work ethic. millennials charge that Gen-Xers are cynical and aloof—that they throw a wet blanketContinue reading “5 Cool Ideas for Managing Millennials”