The Nonprofit Sector Must Change, or Be Left Behind!

I often start my speeches or consulting sessions by stating that the nonprofit sector is broken. I'm not talking about being a little off track or needing some tweaks here and there. I am talking about smashed up and shattered to splinters BROKEN. Consider the present social sector. Not only do we benefit from aggressiveContinue reading “The Nonprofit Sector Must Change, or Be Left Behind!”

Throwing Starfish: A Philanthropic Debate

I was really moved by a recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review written by Rich Tafel, titled "Social Entrepreneurs Must Stop Throwing Starfish". Tafel begins by summarizing the beloved starfish story often told by motivational speakers: A man walking along a shore covered with washed-up, dying starfish notices a boy throwing them back intoContinue reading “Throwing Starfish: A Philanthropic Debate”

Innovation is Alive and Well in the Nonprofit Sector

It has been well-documented that America’s unparalleled charitable spending has not led to better outcomes. This has led to calls for donors to be more actively involved with their grants, but those of us who understand the complexities involved in the nonprofit sector know that asking donors to each become educated and implement innovative strategiesContinue reading “Innovation is Alive and Well in the Nonprofit Sector”

Tactical vs. Strategic

Think about your normal work day. How much time do you spend talking with people about building something? Building a website, starting a campaign, writing a grant, whatever. I’ve noticed that most of the questions I ask, and most of the questions asked of me, are all about logistics and tactical decisions: which fundraising eventContinue reading “Tactical vs. Strategic”

More & More State Programs are Being Shifted to the Nonprofit Sector

While the nonprofit sector fights to keep our federal government from drastically cutting the charitable incentive tax credit, a credit thought to drive substantial funds to nonprofit programs to the nonprofit sector. In an effort to cut budgets without hurting community support, state governments are turning to the nonprofit sector – the sector often forgottenContinue reading “More & More State Programs are Being Shifted to the Nonprofit Sector”

Who is Responsible For Advancing the Practice of Philanthropy?

No matter where I go or who I talk to about philanthropy, I very rarely (if ever) hear concern for the improvement of philanthropic approaches. The bottom line – nonprofits just don't believe they should pay as much attention to the practice of philanthropy as they should to the execution of their programs. In recent years, the GatesContinue reading “Who is Responsible For Advancing the Practice of Philanthropy?”

Is Philanthropy Broken?

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I just plan to do what I want to do.  Maybe it’s more confidence. Maybe it’s just more wisdom.  No matter the reason, I feel it’s been long overdue to kick the time-worn “nonprofit template” to the curb.  As a long-time nonprofit executive, with more than 16+ years leadingContinue reading “Is Philanthropy Broken?”