The Nonprofit Sector Must Change, or Be Left Behind!

I often start my speeches or consulting sessions by stating that the nonprofit sector is broken. I'm not talking about being a little off track or needing some tweaks here and there. I am talking about smashed up and shattered to splinters BROKEN. Consider the present social sector. Not only do we benefit from aggressiveContinue reading “The Nonprofit Sector Must Change, or Be Left Behind!”

Foundation Responsibility Goes Beyond GrantMaking

As a past community foundation CEO, I am a passionate advocate of the power of foundations.  However, I find myself disappointed in the narrow-minded focus of many of these organizations who hold so much potential power in terms of making and inspiring positive social change.  Currently most foundations (especially in Florida) are trying to solveContinue reading “Foundation Responsibility Goes Beyond GrantMaking”

Donors – A Case for Funding Capacity Building

When you ask a donor what their goal is with their philanthropy, they will most certainly respond that they "want to make a difference".  They may have a specific ideas about how they want to make a difference, and maybe even what organization they wish to support, but in the end they want to makeContinue reading “Donors – A Case for Funding Capacity Building”

Benchmarking and Best Practices… Evaluation is Not Enough

I would be fairly confident saying that most nonprofit executives, board members and employees are working hard every day for their organization.  They follow procedures, evaluate their programs and even provide outcomes.  They are no doubt working their best, but are they working "best practices"?  Most are not. Many nonprofit organizations conduct some form ofContinue reading “Benchmarking and Best Practices… Evaluation is Not Enough”

Focus on Outcomes, Not Overhead

Often nonprofit executives are so focused on keeping our budget tight that we forget to ask ourselves, are we cutting corners? What could we do if we had more money? What opportunities to better serve our beneficiaries are we missing by being so fiscally conservative? Most long-time nonprofit leaders have a “do more with less” mindset,Continue reading “Focus on Outcomes, Not Overhead”

Integrated Mission Investing

There are two facets to strategic mission investing. First is integrated mission investing, and second is leveraged mission investing.  The distinguishing characteristic of integrated mission investing is that foundations treat mission investments as a substantial and inseparable part of their program strategy from the very beginning of the program initiatives. They make frequent mission investmentsContinue reading “Integrated Mission Investing”