Nonprofit CEO Sabbaticals Reduce Turnover and Spur Growth

I have always encouraged my staff to take vacations of at least one week twice a year, in order to avoid burnout and increase efficiency (the studies on the importance of vacation are numerous). To further reinforce the issue, I have even edited vacation time policies so employees are NOT paid out unused time. IContinue reading “Nonprofit CEO Sabbaticals Reduce Turnover and Spur Growth”

Social Media and Nonprofit Advocacy

In the first part of this series, we spent some time discussing the intricacies of social media by definition, as well as its importance as the largest and fastest growing trend in nonprofit communication. Understanding exactly how powerful this outlet can be is the first step in creating an effective social media campaign. The secondContinue reading “Social Media and Nonprofit Advocacy”

The New Nonprofit Leader

The new millennium has been a difficult one. A crippled global economy, threatening climate change, crumbling education and healthcare systems, and a widening income gap comprise a few of the social problems we face. But the leaders of our nonprofit sector are already so worn down by continuously being forced to do more and moreContinue reading “The New Nonprofit Leader”

Steps to Starting a Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

While it is becoming more commonly accepted that social media outreach can be a vital tool for nonprofit organizations, a solid understanding of its power and purpose are, at times, hard to come by. At all levels of an organization, it is critical that social media channels and the campaigns produced to utilize them areContinue reading “Steps to Starting a Nonprofit Social Media Campaign”

Discovering if a Nonprofit is Dishonest

As I noted in my two-part series on how to review a nonprofit's financial records, a good review is only helpful if the organization is an honest one. Fortunately, there are ways to find out if an organization has had problems or disciplinary actions in the past.  Below are the best four tools I haveContinue reading “Discovering if a Nonprofit is Dishonest”

Reviewing a Charity’s Financials with their 990 – Part 2

In part one, we reviewed how to use a nonprofit's Form 990 to determine it's mission, and to understand program versus operational expenses. We reviewed both the black and white answer, as well as the muddy gray one. In part two we will do the same as we look at four other parts of theContinue reading “Reviewing a Charity’s Financials with their 990 – Part 2”

Reviewing a Charity’s Financials with their 990 – Part 1

Spending more time researching the nonprofits donors wish to support has become a growing trend. While I support this trend for any donor who has the time, I worry when anyone tries to analyze or compare something that they don't completely understand. Most donors state that the most important thing they wish to review isContinue reading “Reviewing a Charity’s Financials with their 990 – Part 1”

5 Cool Ideas for Managing Millennials

Just as the Xers and Boomers finalize their own negotiations for an uncertain workplace peace, optimistic millennials find themselves at the mercy of Xer skepticism. Gen-Xers complain the millennials are another indulged generation like the Boomers—that they’re self-absorbed with no work ethic. millennials charge that Gen-Xers are cynical and aloof—that they throw a wet blanketContinue reading “5 Cool Ideas for Managing Millennials”

Questions To Ask Before Opening a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

Whether you plan to open a donor-advised fund through a community foundation, national financial service institution, a public foundation or a specific charity, there are several questions you should ask before finalizing your new fund.  The questions below will not only protect your philanthropic investment, but be sure there are no miscommunications that may createContinue reading “Questions To Ask Before Opening a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)”

Benchmarking and Best Practices… Evaluation is Not Enough

I would be fairly confident saying that most nonprofit executives, board members and employees are working hard every day for their organization.  They follow procedures, evaluate their programs and even provide outcomes.  They are no doubt working their best, but are they working "best practices"?  Most are not. Many nonprofit organizations conduct some form ofContinue reading “Benchmarking and Best Practices… Evaluation is Not Enough”