The Nonprofit Sector Must Change, or Be Left Behind!

I often start my speeches or consulting sessions by stating that the nonprofit sector is broken. I'm not talking about being a little off track or needing some tweaks here and there. I am talking about smashed up and shattered to splinters BROKEN. Consider the present social sector. Not only do we benefit from aggressiveContinue reading “The Nonprofit Sector Must Change, or Be Left Behind!”

Throwing Starfish: A Philanthropic Debate

I was really moved by a recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review written by Rich Tafel, titled "Social Entrepreneurs Must Stop Throwing Starfish". Tafel begins by summarizing the beloved starfish story often told by motivational speakers: A man walking along a shore covered with washed-up, dying starfish notices a boy throwing them back intoContinue reading “Throwing Starfish: A Philanthropic Debate”