Foundation Responsibility Goes Beyond GrantMaking

As a past community foundation CEO, I am a passionate advocate of the power of foundations.  However, I find myself disappointed in the narrow-minded focus of many of these organizations who hold so much potential power in terms of making and inspiring positive social change.  Currently most foundations (especially in Florida) are trying to solveContinue reading “Foundation Responsibility Goes Beyond GrantMaking”

Leveraged (For-Profit) Mission Investin

When used in an integrated fashion, mission investments enable foundations to achieve impact in ways that grants could not. The most far-reaching impact of all, however, comes when foundations use for-profit market forces to create social change – in what is called leveraged mission investing. This form of strategic mission investing has been slow toContinue reading “Leveraged (For-Profit) Mission Investin”

The Experimental Stage of Mission Investing

Many foundations have already begun to do more than simply make grants, and consider social values in their investment decisions through the screening of securities portfolios for undesirable stocks, using shareholder activism to change corporate behaviors, investing in socially responsible businesses, and making loans to promising nonprofits.  While these foundations are successfully challenging the orthodoxyContinue reading “The Experimental Stage of Mission Investing”

Risk vs. Reward Of Mission Investing

Boston-based FSG Social Impact Advisors, recently completed the most comprehensive study to date on mission investments (as opposed to the broader universe of social investments), which they define as investments that proactively further a foundation’s mission.2 Funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the study analyzed the mission investments of 92 U.S. foundations. The vastContinue reading “Risk vs. Reward Of Mission Investing”